Branch Transformation

Transform your branch, collect analytics and improve the customer experience

Branch Transformation

Customer Service Finance

Digitisation, the emergence of online competitors, and ever-shifting regulations have disrupted the banking industry and changed the role of branches. Although the challenges continue to evolve, the ultimate goal of bank branches remains the same - to provide services and convert sales while controlling costs. With that in mind, Axis delivers hardware and video analytics that can improve the way your branch operates by helping you reduce waiting times, optimise workforce schedules, and provide an excellent customer experience.

Operational Efficiency

The network cameras and hardware we offer can operate with intelligent video analytics to improve branch processes. Our technology and data analytics improve efficiency by recording footfall, detecting queuing, measuring crowdedness, and automatically recognising VIP customers. This lets you organise more effectively and provide faster, better service without over or understaffing. Branches offer an outstanding source of information about customer behaviour, and we help financial institutions to use this productively. Our solutions can collect and analyse behavioural data and demographic information and transform them into usable insights.

Improved Customer Experience

Our solutions for banking and finance help you reimagine the branch experience. Sales of higher margin products often increase with in-person interaction, so banks drive revenue by using networks to create appealing spaces that attract customers. Waiting times can be managed with video analytics that measure queues and occupancy then re-assign staff. Network speakers and audio applications can create a comfortable environment and keep customers informed. Together with our partners, we also offer applications such as facial recognition, demographic analysis, and mood detection to learn more about your customers and plan marketing initiatives.

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