Safety & Security

Our solutions help protect highly secure Government premises and Ministry Of Defence sites.

Integrated security systems

Security Camera

We equip government institutions to deal with evolving security threats such as intruders, vandalism and theft. Network video and audio solutions can provide versatility and adaptability to protect against different sources of threat. Innovative security technology, including high-definition cameras, combine with reliable software to create surveillance systems that suit your needs.

Security for staff, visitors and assets

Solutions for governments prevent crime and help investigations - high resolution, wide dynamic range cameras provide detailed and clear coverage of all areas within your premises. A central control station can cover multiple buildings, document storage areas can be tightly monitored for theft or vandalism, entry to secure areas and rooms can be controlled, automatic alerts can warn of suspicious behaviour and much more.

Cybersecurity in Government

Governments need to ensure that their entire premises is secure and highly protected. We offer government institutions the ability to oversee their entire security device network from a central hub. We harden your network with the right installations, upgrades, and maintenance tasks rather than leaving these crucial duties to individual premises. We apply cybersecurity best practices in the design of our products, continually monitor new security risks, and promptly fix vulnerabilities when they arise. This way, you get the security benefits of network-connected devices with the support needed to keep your networks safe.

We offer solutions to centralise government surveillance, which delivers greater security with fewer resources.

Our solutions do not require staff to be constantly viewing every video feed - alarms and alerts let you know when something unexpected happens at your premises.

Cutting-edge video and audio analytics increase automatic and reduce the need for manned patrols. The device manager platform lets you remotely check that your technology is functioning correctly and that all software is up to date - this helps to maximise uptime and reduce cybersecurity risks.

Restrict access to buildings

We can provide the hardware and analytics to identify, authenticate, and authorise entry to buildings and rooms. Our access control technology protects critical or vulnerable areas with automatic (key cards, PIN codes, QR codes) or manual authenticated (2-way network video and audio).

Extra security for confidential rooms

Access control doesn't end at the front door, our solutions allow you to assign individual clearance levels to staff and visitors. Highly confidential rooms such as those holding documents or where meetings take place can be further guarded with fingerprint scanners or QR codes, and motion sensors make sure you don't waste time and digital security recording empty rooms.

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