Safety & Security

Improve efficiency in data center security

We offer solutions to centralise data center surveillance, which delivers greater security with fewer resources.

Data Center

Our solutions do not require staff to be constantly viewing every video feed – alarms and alerts let you know when something unexpected happens at your sites.

Cutting-edge video and audio analytics increase automation and reduce the need for manned patrols. The device manager platform lets you remotely check that your technology is functioning correctly and that all software is up to date – this helps to maximise uptime and reduce cybersecurity risks.

Restrict access to buildings

We can provide the hardware and analytics to identify, authenticate, and authorize entry to buildings and rooms. Our access control technology protects critical or vulnerable areas with automatic (key cards, PIN codes, QR codes) or manual authentication (2-way network video and audio).

Extra security for server rooms

Access control doesn’t end at the front door, our solutions allow you to assign individual clearance levels to staff and visitors. Server rooms can be further guarded with fingerprint scanners or QR codes, and motion sensors make sure you don’t waste time and digital storage recording empty rooms.

Safe server racks and cabinets

You can protect your server racks against crime and carelessness with alarms and alerts that notify you of open cabinet doors or other unexpected activity. Use network video and audio for verification and to communicate with anyone interfering with the racks

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