Safety & Security

Protecting patients, staff, visitors and property

From major medical centres to small doctors offices, we deliver scalable video surveillance and security solutions to protect those in your care, as well as the resources you need to ensure good patient outcomes.

Technology For Safer Hospitals

Healthcare Security

It's difficult to treat patients without a safe and secure location to work from. We provide healthcare facilities with solutions to help them deliver the best possible patient care. An integrated video and security network can protect your staff from workplace violence, infants from abduction, medication carts from theft and secure areas from unauthorised entry - leaving you to focus on what's important: treating patients and saving lives.

Ensuring Personal Safety

We provide solutions that address all types of personal safety threats, helping you to minimise assaults against staff, patients and visitors. For example, edge analytics can detect verbal aggression so you can intervene before violence occurs. Intelligent visitor access lets patients see friends and family, while mitigating against unauthorised entry and the spread of infection. For the most vulnerable patient in the hospital, infant abductions are prevented using integrated high-resolution video and access control solutions equipped with intelligent analytics to detect loitering and tailgating at pediatric and neonatal entrances.

Minimising Hospital Theft

With the levels of narcotics, supplies and high-value equipment, it's easy to understand why hospitals are attractive to thieves and prone to internal theft. Such a diverse range of valuable items requires a thorough safeguarding approach. We provide integrated access control and video surveillance solutions to limit unauthorized access and closely monitor your medication dispensaries, supply closets and restricted areas. When integrated with real-time tracking solutions, these solutions can also trigger an alarm or lock a door to ensure that your valuable equipment remains on site.

Managing Incidents In Real-Time

Emergencies can develop in unforeseen ways - out of sight from key medical professionals. Incidents in the car park, patient dumps at the emergency room entrance, extreme weather events, or an obstruction on your helipad can potentially be critical events that negatively impact patient care. A video and audio solution with integrated alarms and built-in analytics provides early incident detection, giving your first responders full situational awareness and two-way audio communication so that they can respond quickly and appropriately to any situation that may arise.

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