We're with you, every step of the way.

At Tailored Fire and Security, we have designed, installed and maintained fire and security systems across a wide range of industry sectors. We work with some of the worlds top companies to provide bespoke end to end solutions tailored to their business needs.



We have years of knowledge & experience in the retail sector, providing innovative solutions to decrease risk & increase profits


We work with top clients across the M&E sector delivering large scale construction projects throughout the UK


We work with healthcare facilities across the country providing innovative fire and security systems


We help secure your goods and infrastructure to create optimum operational efficiency


Fire and security solutions that serve your guests and staff


We have designed and installed systems for highly sensitive areas, including Ministry of Defence sites


We understand that any disruption to the 24-hour operation of a petrochemical business can cause severe issues and losses

Data Center and Colocation

Disruption to data centers can stop businesses from functioning, our solutions help you operate more efficiently


We work with clients in the Pharmaceutical sector to help protect important information and goods

Case Studies