We have years of knowledge & experience in the retail sector, providing innovative solutions to decrease risk & increase profits

TFS work with blue chip retail clients across the UK and throughout EMEA to provide bespoke loss prevention solutions.

We offer bespoke loss prevention solutions specific to the retail sector for both stores and distribution centres. Our solutions include, video analytics, tagging, cash monitoring, ANPR, gates and barriers, body worn video, quality audit services, fire detection & fire suppression.

TFS operate on a national and global basis providing solutions for retailers from across the fashion, food and logistics sectors.

You might associate surveillance networks solely with security and loss prevention, and it’s true that this makes your stores safer. But did you know you can also use hardware and analytics to increase your revenue and reduce your costs?

Video solutions can help reduce theft and fraud, and act as a deterrent to protect customers and staff from violence. But it doesn’t end there. By combining hardware with video analytics, you’ll find ways to reduce queuing times, perfect your store layout, allocate staff efficiently, and, ultimately, increase profits. You can even use your surveillance equipment as a tool for creating a welcoming environment to attract visitors and inspire employees.

By combining hardware with third-party applications from our partners, you can improve security, reduce shrinkage and increase operational efficiency even further.

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