Store Optimisation

Customer behaviour data is all around you

In-store cameras can be powerful tools for gathering and processing numeric data. It’s a way to understand the behaviours and needs of your specific customers – they can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your business.

The power of accurate information is the key to your success

Retail layout 2

Stay ahead of the competition and improve your store performance by analysing and acting on collected in-store data.

TFS solutions can help you respond quickly and proactively to the situation in your stores, giving you the tools to create a better retail experience with shorter lines, suitable background music and more.

Our technology operates on open standards, so you can combine it with third-party hardware and software to take your customer analysis even further. We can provide a huge selection of leading edge solutions for making profitable use of the data gathered by your surveillance network.

Key Areas for Optimisation:

  1. Queues and checkouts - Detect the number of people in line and assign more staff when needed, automatically, with in-store speakers or personal alerts. 
  2. Display areas for high value goods - Spot customers when they linger in your most profitable areas and notify sales staff via audio alerts.  
  3. Shop floor - Track customers moving through your store, pinpoint the areas they linger in and devise more effective store layouts. Send out targeted audio messages or promotion announcements at the right time and to the right place.
  4. Entrances and exits - By counting the number of people you can identify your busiest times, allocate staff efficiently, and optimize your service levels. 

Focus Areas - Collect and analyse customer data

Make profitable changes to your store layout, staff allocation, and marketing strategy based on accurate data and insights from your in-store cameras. We can generate a user-friendly service that generates statistics, graphical representations, and reports about store traffic, queue lengths, occupancy levels, and much more. And because our technology operates on open standards, it is compatible with a wide range of third-party applications. Together with our partners we help you build solutions for your specific needs.

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