Patient Care

Improving quality of care. Innovations to reach patients everywhere.

New Ways To Deliver Outstanding Patient Care

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We revolutionize the way you think about patient care. Our solutions uncover new ways to assess and treat more patients with fewer resources - whether they are two doors down or on the other side of the world.

Visual observations, verbal communication and medical consultation. These have always been vital to correctly diagnose illnesses and ensure good patient outcomes.

Using intelligent video and audio technology, we connect patients with medical professionals anywhere in the world. As well as long-distance treatment, our solutions help hospitals and long-term care facilities remotely assess and prioritise patient needs across your healthcare system. With built-in intelligence, they are an ideal complement to patient telemetry - giving you reliable, cost-effective options for patient care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our live video monitoring solutions help all types of patients. For critical-care patients, our technology provides visual verification of patient alarms. Non-critical patients can use video intercom to easily connect with staff. For patients suffering with dementia, mental health or substance abuse problems, unsafe behaviour can be monitored effectively, safely and discreetly. Intelligent edge-based video analytics can provide early fall detection alerts. With multiple patients being monitored from a central station, coverage is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

Breakthroughs In Telemedicine

With us, you can expand your telemedicine platform, providing your patients with exceptional care while minimizing unnecessary office visits and contagion exposure. Our high-resolution video cameras and two-way audio make remote diagnosis and follow-up care more effective than ever. They even support home health for active seniors and the chronically ill. With video solutions specifically designed for ambulances, you can also provide quality patient care in transit while hospital staff prepare for patient arrival.

Medical Training and Research

Whether it's watching a state-of-the-art surgical technique for the first time or perfecting coordination of your trauma team, continued medical training is vital for improved patient outcomes. Our audio and visual solutions help you capture every detail, live or on-demand. This way many more people can participate, while reducing the expense of travel and preparation, and without compromising patient care. High-quality video and audio allow medical professionals to get closer to their subjects and improve their skills, no matter where in the world they are.

Smarter Fall Detection

Thermal imaging solutions allow hospital staff to respond immediately to falls or high-risk movement, eliminating unnecessary nightly patient checks, meaning patients sleep better and fall less, while hospitals lower costs.

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