Safety & Security

Greater Protection, Your premises, your customers, your employees, Smarter ways to protect them

Protecting People and Property

Retail Store

No retail operation can ever be successful unless visitors feel safe. IP video and audio solutions provide a blanket of security that makes your stores welcoming to potential shoppers.

Deterrence can play a major role in loss prevention and safety in retail. We deliver complete video coverage that makes your stores much less attractive to criminals – especially when integrated with loudspeakers and motion detectors.

Key Areas to Protect:

  1. Entrances and exits - Control who enters and leaves your premises with visitor access systems connected with audio. Secure exits not being blocked.
  2. Sales floor - Automatically identify aggressive behavior and send alerts to security personnel. Detect loitering to decrease vandalism and shoplifting.
  3. Cash room - Restrict access to safe areas with software that recognizes, identifies, or verifies authorized personnel.
  4. Parking lots - Weather-proof, vandal-resistant cameras suitable for all light conditions protect customers and staff day and night. Deter loitering with voice messages.
  5. Storage and loading docks - Control access with access cards or QR codes, license plate recognition, tailgating detection, and other automated processes. Use high-quality video to verify and track deliveries.

Keeping your customers and staff safe

Retail layout

Accidents and violent incidents on your premises can have a terrible impact on your customers, your staff, and your reputation. With our IP video and audio solutions you can detect and prevent unsafe situations thus protecting individuals and your business.

For example, cameras with built in audio analytics can be set up to detect aggressive behavior and automatically alert security personnel.

Panic alarms can also be integrated into your system to give your employees additional peace of mind. High-quality, easily searchable footage makes post-incident investigations easy.

Securing your premises

You can find the right security solution for every part of your property and bring everything together in an integrated network. Anti-tailgating technology and visitor access systems help prevent unauthorized entry.

Car parks can be monitored with motion-activated cameras and license plate recognition. Cash rooms and storage areas can be protected with high-resolution cameras and network door controllers. And on your perimeter you can install alarms or loudspeakers to deter loiterers. The options are numerous, and we can help devise network solutions that meet your specific needs and goals.

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