Safety & Security

Our solutions for the financial sector help you protect your customers, personnel and assets.

Integrated security systems for all areas of banking

Bank Security

We equip financial institutions to deal with evolving security threats such as robberies, thefts and fraud. Network video and audio solutions can provide versatility and adaptability to protect against different sources of threat. Innovative security technology, including high-definition cameras, combine with reliable software to create surveillance systems that suit your needs.

Security for staff, customers and assets

Solutions for banking prevent crime and help investigations - high resolution, wide dynamic range cameras provide detailed and clear coverage of all areas within your premises. A central control station can cover multiple branches, transaction areas can be tightly monitored for fraud and theft, entry to secure areas and rooms can be controlled, automatic alerts can warn of suspicious behaviour and much more.

Cybersecurity in banking

To build consumer trust, banks need to show that their entire organization is secure and robust. We offer financial institutions the ability to oversee their entire security device network from a central hub. We harden your network with the right installations, upgrades, and maintenance tasks rather than leaving these crucial duties to individual branches. We apply cybersecurity best practices in the design of our products, continually monitor new security risks, and promptly fix vulnerabilities when they arise. This way, you get the security benefits of network-connected devices with the support needed to keep your networks safe.

Effective and efficient

Loitering Guard relies on time-based triggers, so you get fewer unwarranted alarms than with basic motion detection analytics. The edge-based application analyses video directly on the camera or video encoder. It integrates with the video product's event management functions and is compatible with many video management software - so you can program automatic responses to event triggers. Automatically playing a message from loudspeakers or turning on lights helps prevent crimes like vandalism and break-ins. Sending emails and live video streams alerts guards to take action. Sending and recording video only on event triggers makes reviews and searches easier, and reduces bandwidth and storage needs.

Fewer false alarms

The Loitering Guard analyses movement and ignores ordinary background motion to reduce false alarms. It can filter out motion from swaying foliage and small objects. The perspective setting allows you to associate an object's image size at different distances with its actual size - so Loitering Guard can alert staff to a suspicious truck father away while ignoring an animal nearby. On many video products, Loitering Guard supports bounding box overlays that indicate the objects that are triggering an event. The overlay can be used on one selected video resolution and is permanently burnt into live or recorded video of that resolution.

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