Key Management

In the financial sector it's vitally important to secure all keys and equipment and be able to show conformity with compliance

Ensure only authorised users can access keys and equipment at the right time and place

Key Management

At TFS we can provide key management solutions that remove unreliable manual logs for branch key tracking & instead have online visibility of who accessed each key and restrict access based on staff working hours and shifts.

Instead of manually logging key usage or sharing digital access codes and passwords, maintain total access control and monitoring of keys & access reports and an audit trail of all usage.

When working out of normal hours or locking up, a user can put a key into a silent alarm cabinet if there is a threat which sets off an alarm to the emergency services.

Stay compliant and restrict access to specific keys and equipment

  • Enforce two-person authentication - ensure the same individual cannot gain access to both vault key required for dual control
  • Automate record keeping - require users to log the reason they need the key and reduce manual record keeping
  • Have 24/7 secure onsite access - ensure keys are available 24/7 to authorised users only, and only during their shift times
  • Automatic Alerts - create alerts if keys haven't been returned by the specified time
  • Keep a full audit trail - retain a complete history of all key cabinet, locker and user transactions
  • Gain insights - access reports on overdue keys, changes to access rights or unauthorised access attempts
  • Use a silent alarm - have a silent alarm triggered to alert systems or the control room in an emergency
  • Integrate with alarm systems - Use a relay expansion module to allow different alarm relays to be connected to the cabinet

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