Key Management

Control access of medications and other essential equipment

Enable pharmacists and other staff to maintain efficiency by ensuring quick, safe and authorised access to medication, documents and equipment.

Pharmaceutical Staff

TFS provide essential key management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Rather than spending time looking for keys, manage access to controlled medication keys on a granular level and record who access what and when.

Ensure authorised staff can access essential equipment and substances easily.

Maintain quick, safe and authorised access to vital keys and equipment

  • Control access - define unique access restrictions on key sets to specific medication and substances
  • Manage equipment - manage access to equipment libraries, so only authorised people access essential equipment
  • Keep audit trails - keep an audit trail of access of controlled substances
  • Give instant access - place key and equipment cabinets in different locations, close to where they are needed to save time and help staff
  • Save time - ensure equipment libraries can be access quickly, saving staff time
  • Drive accountability - make users 100% accountable for the items they use
  • Enforce processes - ensure keys never leave the building and are never used outside of shifts
  • Have visibility and real-time alerts - receive alerts if keys are not returned and enable staff to log faults so you can keep everything working

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