Key Management

Securely manage keys and equipment across governmental and military environments

In government environments having tight control over keys and equipment is fundamental to safety and accountability.

Key Management

At TFS we provide key management solutions to the highest security standards for government and military environments. Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios and specialist equipment.

Securely store building and vehicle keys and equipment and receive an email or text notification if devices are not returned by a specified time.

Manage and record the use of fleet vehicles and ensure they are used proportionately by having the system rotate the allocation of keys.

Manage keys and equipment tightly

  • Secure access to tools and equipment - only allow authorised personnel to access keys and equipment
  • Block more keys than are allowed - to limit key allowances, stipulate that once a key is removed, no more can be taken until the other has been replaced
  • Have multiple cabinets - save time by having multiple cabinets around the facilities, rather than one large cabinet
  • Make reservations - use a booking system, so users know the keys or equipment will be there when they need it
  • Administer and track usage online - manage keys and equipment remotely and online with instant access to audit trails, reports & user administration
  • Stop people leaving with items - integrate with access control systems to stop someone leaving a facility if they don't return keys or equipment on time

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