Loss Prevention

Tackle shoplifting, robbery, and fraud, let TFS stop your profits from walking out the door

Protect your profits with innovative, integrated solutions. Combining surveillance hardware and analytics, you can tackle theft and fraud – everywhere on your premises.

Loss Prevention

Tackling theft and fraud wherever it occurs - Inventory shrinkage can have many sources – shoplifting, employee theft, sweethearting, point-of-sale fraud, and even organized robberies and crime.

Take a firmer grip on your inventory, and optimise your business. Video analytics help detect suspicious activity, so you can take action before crime strikes. Access management protects restricted areas. And high-quality Video Surveillance makes it easy to review footage to establish evidence of wrongdoing.

In combination, our solutions reduce shrinkage and improve safety.

Key Areas to Protect:

  1. Sales floor - Seamlessly monitor and record aisles and points of sale to identify suspicious behavior before thefts occur.
  2. Entrances and exits - Detect people moving in the wrong direction and automatically notify security staff.
  3. Staff areas - Ensure only authorized people have access to your non-public areas.
  4. Cash rooms - Automatically capture activities of people entering restricted areas.
  5. Storage and loading docks - Verify that your products were delivered, keep track of items in storage with documented, high-quality footage.

Defend Yourself Against Crime

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Shoplifting, theft, and fraud are costly and preventable. Our partners network cameras, recorders, speakers, and accessories provide complete coverage of your premises, and embedded analytics software takes your defenses to a higher level.

Our solutions can automatically detect and alert you to suspicious activities such as loitering in high-value goods areas or exiting through entrances. Intelligent monitoring lets you identify and investigate POS fraud and theft and spots scanning mistakes at self-checkouts.

You can also strengthen electronic article surveillance (EAS) by integrating network cameras and speakers.

Fight internal shrinkage – and keep staff safe

Employee theft can be a costlier problem than shoplifting – and a harder one to deal with. Fortunately, we have solutions that protect both you and your employees. Networked cameras and video analytics can cover non-public areas such as break rooms, warehouses, and loading docks.

Intelligent analytics can also prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, and comprehensive point-of-sale coverage helps reduce fraud and errors. By sensitively monitoring your operations you can stop employee theft before it happens. The increased surveillance will also protect your staff against crime or abuse.

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