Key Management

Secure assets, minimise risk and ensure regulation of all areas in your data center

In technology and data centers with such a high focus on security, it's important to control and monitor access to all areas and assets at a granular level.

Key Management

TFS provide high security key management solutions for data centers and colocation sites. Provide a secure place for staff and visitors to deposit personal laptops or mobile phones whilst visiting the facility and access them afterwards.

Provide an additional tier of security and visibility for your server racks and cabinets by managing key issue through key cabinet integration.

Integrate with existing access control systems to ensure no one leaves the centre with an access card or rack key.

Manage physical keys and provide secure convenient access

  • Integrate with security management - integrate the physical security and management of keys with your core systems
  • Book keys & generate requests - allow users to book keys and equipment as part of their request for scheduled access to the facility
  • Maintenance window curfew - set a window within which a key can be collected and returned in line with a work schedule and receive email or mobile notifications when a key is not returned
  • Access a full audit trail - log all key access to server racks with time and date stamps
  • Ensure only authorised access - apply physical access control in the same way you grant access to zones. Limit access based on shift patterns or grant one-time access for a specific event
  • Have full visibility - every event or action that takes place is audited

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