Site Management

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Perimeter Protection

Distribution Centre

When dealing with large areas that suffer from low illumination, using a thermal camera can provide clear video - even in zero-light environments. For areas that require higher-level security protection, the combination of radar and dome camera brings both accurate radar and clear visuals together.

Intelligent and Efficient Security Patrol - Remote Patrol

Remote patrols are safer and more efficient. Security or other managers can visually check all sites using high-definition cameras based on patrol schedules. Users can also enjoy the benefit of remote patrols with their existing security system.

Intelligent and Efficient Security Patrol - AI Patrols

Artificial Intelligence patrols add intelligence on top of remote methods - now security staff and managers do not have to manually check all video footage. The AI patrol will identify a problem when a captured image triggers pre-set rules. AI patrols reduce manpower and offer a more intelligent way to quickly respond to any problem.

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