Goods Management

Operational efficiency for enhanced performance

Improve Processes and Optimise Business

Goods Management

Take a firmer grip of the goods, improve your processes, and optimise your business. Verify that your products were delivered, keep track of items in storage and at loading docs with documented, high-quality footage.

TFS offer security and visual goods tracking solutions for your logistics business. They enable you to efficiently monitor your goods and processes to help create transparency for the actual goods flow. Find out – and prove - exactly what has happened to each piece of goods within your responsibility.

Customer services and last mile visibility

Goods can be damaged, mispacked, misrouted or stolen. All these deviations have one thing in common: they’re likely to result in claims.

At the very least, this means unhappy customers. In a business where thousands of claims are filed every day, you win great advantages if you quickly can prove whether you are responsible or not.

Our solutions give you a competitive advantage in a growing e-commerce landscape by delivering last mile logistics visibility. Visibility that not only improves customer satisfaction, but also protects you against false claims and helps you proactively respond to damaged or lost shipments.

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