ATM Security

Protecting customers and ATMs

Enhanced ATM security

ATM Security

Network video and audio solutions protect both your ATMs and customers using them. Network cameras let you remotely access live and recorded video, delivering outstanding image quality without excessive bandwidth and storage consumption. This prevents attacks on customers, keeps your ATMs operational, and assists with investigations.

With the addition of edge video analytics, hardware can do even more. Video analytics can detect attempted ATM tampering, vandalism, and suspicious behaviour like loitering and shoulder surfing. Automatic alerts can then let you take action to address crimes or security breaches before they occur.

ATMs are still in demand, but recent research has shown that many customers often feel unsafe withdrawing cash, and even avoid using them altogether. We can provide network surveillance solutions that are both effective and discreet, that make customers feel secure without undermining perceptions of privacy. Safety measures improve customer confidence, which contributes to a better customer experience and improves your bank's reputation.

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