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Technology For Outstanding Hospital Operations

Patient Care

Our solutions help hospitals to ensure staff compliance, monitor critical hospital processes, optimize service times and improve patient satisfaction.

Our solutions are not just about security - they can even help your hospitals function more effectively. With integrated analytics, our network technology addresses challenges throughout your hospital.

For example, hygiene and compliance can be improved by monitoring hazardous environments and sterilisation processes. Efficiency can be improved by analysing data from your video network and using it to make operational changes that improve patient flow and service cycle times. You can even offer new services such as neonatal virtual visitation to strengthen the bond between parents and their new born babies.

Improving Protocols and Compliance

Your healthcare facilities can function more effectively than ever by using your intelligent video surveillance technology in smart new ways. By remotely monitoring hand hygiene, PPE compliance and sterilisation processes, you can mitigate the spread of contagion in your hospital. Cleaning crews can automatically be alerted to maintain areas with high visitor traffic, and access control solutions help you coordinate authorised maintenance and delivery schedules. Our connected technology helps you ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance in your healthcare facilities.

Neonatal Virtual Visitation

For parents and new born babies in the ICU, separation can be agonizing. Our network video solutions can help you virtually connect worried parents to their new-borns around the clock, safely and efficiently. Our secure, high definition video combined with two-way audio helps new families bond and develop an emotional closeness at the time when they need it most, all while minimising the risk of contagion and ensuring that your staff can provide uninterrupted, high-quality patient care.

A Better Patient Experience

Overcrowding and long wait times can be a challenge. Our video analytics including people counting and queue monitoring can help you deal with overcrowding in real-time, as well as provide statistics and analysis so you can review your performance and make changes. When integrated with real-time location software, our technology helps you find patients, staff, beds and equipment so you can stay in control of the toughest situations. For a more pleasant patient experience, we also provide network audio solutions for background music and public announcements.

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