Safety & Security

Protecting staff, property and assets

Security Personnel

Businesses in the petrochemical sector hold highly important information and goods, so it is vital that they remain protected as they are often life saving.

Minimising theft

With the levels of chemicals, supplies and high-value equipment, it's easy to understand why petrochemical premises are attractive to thieves and prone to internal theft. Such a diverse range of valuable items requires a thorough safeguarding approach. We provide integrated access control and video surveillance solutions to limit unauthorised access and closely monitoring supply closets, document storage and restricted areas. When integrated with real-time tracking solutions, these solutions can also trigger an alarm or lock a door to ensure that your valuable equipment remains on site.

Managing incidents in real-time

Emergencies can develop in unforeseen ways - out of sight from professionals. Incidents in the car park, attempted break ins at the perimeter, extreme weather events or an obstruction at delivery and collection points can potentially cause major issues that negatively impact the flow of business and subsequently. A video and audio solution with integrated alarms and built-in analytics provides early incident detection, giving the relevant personnel full situational awareness and two-way audio communication so they can respond quickly and appropriately to any situation that may arise.

Case Studies