Clear sight for clear insight


Act instantly to protect people and property and make the right decisions about your operations. Our video surveillance analytics solutions give you easy access to actionable insights based on video, audio, and other data. How? With the widest range of flexible, scalable analytics on the market – with a focus on the edge.

  • Motion Detection - This intelligent video analytics module offers real-time alerts when objects are seen to move within predefined areas.
  • Sabotage Detection - Sabotage detection alerts users in real-time when attempts are made to tamper with the camera (e.g. if the camera is covered, redirected, prayed or blinded).
  • Intrusion Detection - Intrusion detection delivers real-time alerts if individuals are loitering in monitored areas.
  • Indoor Detection - The indoor detection module alerts users in real-time in the event of intruders entering secured indoor areas.

Scene Intelligence

Scene intelligence creates a superior foundation for analytics performance. It provides the ideal input for excellent output, and includes the latest technology based on a deep understanding of image processing, image usability, and expertise in edge analytics and deep learning - all made available on an open platform.

Object Analytics

Object analytics is an intelligent video analytics application preinstalled on compatible network cameras at no extra cost. It adds value to your camera by detecting and classifying humans and vehicles. Conditions you set for triggering alarms, such as an object entering an area or crossing a virtual line, allow you to create scenarios tailored to your own surveillance needs. This scalable, edge-based analytics application requires minimum effort to set up. It supports various scenarios running simultaneously, and it integrates with the camera's event management system and other network solutions as needed.

Thermal Analytics

Reliable detection and security 24/7, in dark as well as in challenging weather conditions, with thermal cameras.

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