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Critical Alarm Reporting and Management System - TFSNET

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Innovative fire safety that delivers peace of mind

TFSNET® is a critical alarm reporting and management system for Fire & Security Systems, generally used on large sites which have multiple systems and control panels. The system is capable of bringing together equipment from various manufacturers whilst giving the user the advantage of viewing and controlling all the systems in the same format.

TFSNET® can report and be managed from multiple locations, important reports can be generated and system logs can be kept. Furthermore, the system can utilise the existing building infrastructure networks including Ethernet TCP/IP as well as proprietary networks via traditional RS485 cable methods, fibre optics or telephonic (PABX.PSTN, ISDN or ASDL). Remote buildings can also be linked via GSM networks.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration of multiple system manufactures
  • Kiddie Vega and Legacy Systems can be connected
  • Uses existing infrastructure or IT infrastructure
  • Single of multi site capability
  • User defined visual & audible alarms
  • User configurable screen layouts
  • Windows operating platform
  • TCP/IP connectivity
  • Multiple workstations
  • On-screen system status display
  • Management reporting
  • History search
  • High level integrity and redundancy
  • Integration and interaction between external systems
  • User profiles to suit operator responsibility, password protected

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