Analogue Addressable Fire Detection

Innovative fire safety that delivers peace of mind

Working with the worlds' best analogue addressable fire detection, TFS has years of experience on multiple types of fire detection systems. We have designed and installed some of the largest multi panel, multi-protocol, networked solutions that are available on todays market place.

Delivering a tailored solution designed perfectly for you using the best of partners who provide the very latest in technological advances to eliminate false alarms and maximise performance and detection.

TFS have worked extensively across multiple sectors and have full product training across all products. High performance control panels from single loop to 8 loop, panels approved to EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13. Integral power supplies approved to EN54 part 4.

Multiple panel networks can be programmed seamlessly as one system, allowing for flexible design and system management flexible programming options are available at the panel.

EN54-23 Explained

The EN54-23 standard was developed to allow easier comparisons of VADs. This video explains the standard and how VADs comply.

Visual alarm device (VAD) design app

The VAD iPad app helps you create floor plans and drop and drag VAD devices onto them, giving you instant visual feedback about whether your proposal is valid.

Analogue Addressable Panels

Gent Analogue Addressable Panels 3 2 list

Addressable systems offer the benefit of less cabling as each device detector has its own unique address. Using this system, if any devices go into alarm the panel will tell you which device it is and where it is located. This is a big benefit in response times for the fire department or the customer.

The combination of powerful software in the control panel and the intelligent loop powered devices delivers a flexible, easy to use system for all types of buildings.

Analogue Addressable Devices

Gent analogue addressable devices

There are range of analogue addressable devices to choose from including, Sensors with Sounders, Voice Sounders, VADs, Manual Call Points, Beam Detectors and more.

All devices are powered by the loop, delivering a flexible, streamlined system in any type of building. Requiring just a single two-core cable to connect the loop, every device includes an integral short circuit isolator to reduce installation cost and increase system integrity.

Case Studies