Enterprise Access Control

Comprehensive solutions for greater security, safety and efficiency

Lenel Access Control

In partnership with global leaders in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing, we provide innovative products, systems and services to address the most complex, evolving needs of some of the world's most demanding organisations. Whether you're operating a small to medium-sized business or the largest global enterprise, our solutions are built to solve your unique challenges.

Leverage Powerful Core Technologies and Integrations

We provide your security backbone with flexible, scalable deployment options that incorporate multiple technologies including mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. And our open architecture supports hundreds of third-party system interfaces.

Unify and Control Multiple Systems and Insights

From a front lobby to a Global Security Operations Centre, our media-rich, unified user interface delivers the information and services you need to protect people and assets, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Empower Building Occupants In Real Time

Since the most important part of any building is the people inside it, we've designed ways to help them stay safe, secure and productive including touchless access, real-time notifications, self-mustering for evacuations and more.

Harness Deep Building Systems Expertise

Working with leading global providers of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions, we're uniquely positioned to bring a comprehensive approach to buildings and security.

Proven, Trusted and Open Access Control

Our access control systems exemplifies our commitment to providing a superior, integrated and customisable security management system that meets your evolving needs. We deliver solutions that seamlessly unify access control and video monitoring for a wide range of industries.

TFS works with the worlds leading access control manufacturers. As an example, TFS are proud to be a Lenel VAR. Lenel OnGuard is the world's leading enterprise access control platform.

Why Choose An Enterprise Access Control System From TFS

Complete Situational Awareness

Providing the means to aggregate, visualise and share security data from multiple sources, the system helps companies recognise context and analyse inputs from a number of simultaneous events. Seamlessly synthesizing information from access control, video and other sensors, the system delivers complete line-of-sight to all aspects of security and facilitates intelligent responses and outcomes.

Ease Of Integration

The system integrates seamlessly with a wide range of existing business systems. The system can bi-directionally exchange cardholder data with many HR platforms and/or ERP systems, coordinate alarm/event data with emergency response systems, and provide/receive event information with various building management, network management and third-party security systems.

Unlimited Scalability

Adaptable and scalable, the system is appropriate for small localised environments as well as large global enterprise applications that span a wide geography. For businesses starting small and anticipating growth, the system is ideally suited to meeting their expanding needs. For unlimited scalability, flexibility and industry-leading performance.

Browser-based Clients and Mobile Apps

Leveraging clients and apps in your system turns an excellent security management solution into an exceptional one. These utilities improve your overall user experience and provide a path to view, manage and authorise in an increasingly mobile and remote workplace.

Lenel Integrated Into Traka

TFS work alongside may other leading manufacturers including:

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