We can keep an eye on your building with off-site monitoring services.

Remote Monitoring

More Than Just An Alarm

A simple detection and bell alarm system doesn't provide you with adequate security as it does not alert authorities and often will be ignored. Tailored Fire and Security can design and install top end security systems and provide 24 hour off-site monitoring. If an intruder or vandal is detected on your premises, the security system will alert our operators and our security personnel will respond.

No More False Alarms

We use the latest security systems that employ sequential audio and visual verification to minimise false alarms. No more unnecessary call outs and it will reduce the risk of you losing police response.

Gold Rating

Your property is in good hands - the TFS receiving centres have been awarded the NACOSS Gold Approval for monitoring intruder alarms and for the use of a range of alarm signalling technology. We offer secure monitoring and a top quality security service. For more information on monitoring services offered by TFS, please contact our service team.

Case Studies