Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID-19 DRMT – INTERIM UPDATE 14 – 19th May 2020

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TFS DRMT – At this difficult time, we must safeguard the wellbeing of our employees, customers and others on site. In the circumstances, we have imposed guidelines for ongoing site works and how we are approaching essential and non-essential sites / services.

It is fundamental that at any sites upon which our employees attend, that safe systems are in place to ensure that all government guidance is adhered to.

The Governments advice has now changed to “Stay Alert” “Control The Virus” “Save Lives” as such please ensure you “Stay Alert”, the Guidance from the company however has not changed since 9th of April 2020 and that guidance continues, as such some of our customers remain closed until the governments advise changes further.

We are advising that Critical Works will be prioritised, Non-Essential Works and Services will be carried out where it is safe to do so, working from home and remotely will continue until further notice / guidance is provided. “LMRA” Last Minute Risk Assessments should be undertaken prior to carrying out any task.

We have also issued “OOPs” Office Operating Procedures to minimise risk on personnel working within the offices, whilst we are insisting on remote working for the indefinite future, there are core members of staff who are finding a reduced capacity along with essential deliveries etc where a skeleton team is required within the office as such the “OOPs” need to be strictly adhered to.

We ask you to read the following: http://tailoredfireandsecurity...

Response plan http://tailoredfireandsecurity...

We also ask you to view our regular updates in the news section which supplement and update the above https://tailoredfireandsecurit...

In additional the companies “OOPs” Office Operating Procedures should be strictly adhered to.

In these unprecedented circumstances, there may well be disruption to ongoing and planned works. We, employers and sub-contractors, need to act collaboratively and co-operatively to overcome the challenges faced and to adopt a commercial and reasonable approach to deal with disruption to work on site and completion dates.”

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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