International Women's Day 2023


This International Women's Day, we asked the women in team TFS, "What does being a woman mean to you?"

International Women's Day is a day for celebrating women across the world, and we want to use this moment to celebrate the amazing women we have in the TFS team.

We asked them the question, "What does being a woman mean to you?", and received some brilliant responses.

"It means I get to decide that I am worthy, I am enough, I can hold my value! Always be strong, grounded, and speak your mind, regardless of what others may think of you. Be a leader, be compassionate, and be someone your children can be proud to call mum."

"Building up and supporting other women around me, family, friends, colleagues, and strangers - we are stronger together."

"Being strong but not afraid to show emotion, being independent but still loving, being ready to fight any barriers you face. Supporting other women, being whoever you want, doing whatever you want to do, and not letting stereotypes define you."

"Being a woman gives the ability to produce life into this world, which is a powerful and empowering thing."

"It means I feel empowered and have the ability to empower other women around me, together we are stronger and we can achieve anything we put our mind to."

"Being a woman means so much more to me now than it did in my 20's. It means I can be anything and everything that I want to be. I can defy stereotypes, I can be strong yet fragile, assertive yet compassionate. I can teach and be taught, speak my mind and be silent. I can stand up for what I think is right and fight for what I believe in. I'm a firm believer in 'women can do anything' and live by that motto every day. To me, being a woman simply means being me, being true to myself, and showing all other women in my life that they can be strong independent women just by being themselves."

We are extremely proud of all of the women who work at TFS, and want to thank them for their continued hard work and support!

International Women's Day 2023