Tailored Fire and Security Group Enter a Strategic Partnership With Argenbright Security Europe Limited


As a leading provider of life safety and security systems, Tailored Fire and Security has become one of the largest privately owned fire and security companies in the UK, and is set for further growth following the entering of a mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Argenbright Security Europe Limited (ASEL).

TFS will join Amberstone Security and The Protector Group under the ASEL umbrella, and complement both these divisions by providing installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for Fire Safety and IoT-enabled integrated security solutions to clients in the retail and supply chain, critical infrastructure, public sector, and financial services.

“We have found an excellent partner in TFS, this partnership will increase our service portfolio and enhance our presence in key geographical markets across the UK, and expand our reach into Europe and other international locations ”, said Jason Trigg, CEO of ASEL. “With TFS, we have an opportunity to accelerate our growth across retail, logistics, distribution, construction, critical national infrastructure, NHS, and financial sectors as we continue to grow to become the largest privately held security services group in the UK in the short to medium term,” added Trigg.

“We welcome Anthony Whittle, Zoe Whittle, and Liam Hargreaves as part of the Argenbright family, along with their team, and look forward to working with them to serve their clients,” said Karan Ishwar, CEO of Argenbright Group. “I am excited about this strategic partnership which will enable us to position ourselves as a partner of choice for clients looking for a reliable provider of fire safety and IoT-enabled integrated security solutions. I am very pleased with our momentum in growing our business footprint, adding key leadership talent, increasing our service capabilities, and expanding our client portfolio in the UK and Europe, including this recent development”, added Ishwar.

“I look forward to sharing my experience in helping Jason, Anthony, Zoe, Liam, and other leaders in our business to take the group to the next level”, said Frank A. Argenbright Jr., Executive Chairman of Argenbright Group.

Tailored Fire and Security Group Enter a Strategic Partnership With Argenbright Security Europe Limited