Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID-19 DRMT – INTERIM UPDATE 12 – 6th April 2020

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Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID-19 DRMT – INTERIM UPDATE 12 – 6th April 2020 TFS – Business Continuity Update – Interim Update Construction Sites

TFS DRMT – We are experiencing a high demand and requests for Non – Essential works as a result are providing an interim update as set out below, please find attached an update on the current stance at TFS compiled in line with our external H&S guidance, Legal Compliance, Insurance Compliance and Duty of Care.

The main points around this are: Critical works are prioritised at all times.

Construction Sites to be working to and compliant with the new COVID 19 SOPs.

TFS RAMS to be followed at all times and to include TFS Last Minute Risk Assessment Guidance.

TFS PPE to be used at all times, there maybe shortages of PPE due to TFS Prioritising PPE Going out to Critical “Key Workers” in this case the critical works will be prioritised and we would expect our non-essential works to immediately cease work, therefore work on non-essential projects maybe delayed, this is outside our control there is a global shortage of PPE.

TFS will not insist that employees return to work if they are in the Vulnerable Category or the feel uncomfortable in returning due to the site conditions, we will ask them where requested but their return will be voluntary.

Each return to site to be taken on a project by project assessment.

TFS Expects the Following Guidance to be followed at all times:

  • If you are a field worker, follow the government social distance guidelines – maintain a 2m distance from others.
  • Conduct a “Last Minute Risk Assessment” before every job.
  • Face masks / shields should be worn when it is not possible to maintain 2m distance.
  • Gloves should be worn at all times.
  • Wash hands regularly.
  • Maintain your mental and physical wellbeing throughout this time.

If at anytime you are uncomfortable with the SOPs then to stop work and move to a safe zone and report to your line manager.

Contact your line manager or HR if you start to experience ANY of the symptoms of COVID-19 and follow self-isolation guidance issued by the government. Attached is our “COVD – 19 Response Update” and “Last Minute Risk Assessment Guide” please could all members of staff review and extend out to all Sub Contractors and members of their team.


Situation – Notice This is an ongoing moving situation therefore as a result of on-going changes performance will be impacted delivery dates for projects and handovers may need to be reviewed as a result of this global pandemic. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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