Zepcam T3 Live Bodycam

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The solution for real-time supervision and support

As a trusted partner to Zepcam Bodycam Solutions we are pleased to offer the latest T3 Live Bodycam.

The ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam allows the user to record and stream live video with audio and GPS to a central control room. The images can be securely viewed in real time and stored for review using the same ZEPCAM Manager Software for all three generations of bodycams. It’s the perfect solution for supervisors to support frontline professionals and remote workers in public safety, law enforcement, security, inspection, construction and technical services.

Key Features Include:

  • Superior live streaming and recording
  • 4G / Wifi / Bluetooth connections
  • Robust and IP68 waterproof
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • GPS track and trace
  • Fully GDPR compliant and secure

For more information on Zepcam bodycam solutions get in touch with one of our Sales team.

Zepcam T3 Live Bodycam