Redetec Rack Mount Fire Protection

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An environmentally responsible and cost effective rack mount fire protection solution

Redetec Limited is the only rack mount fire protection solution which puts all of the best fire detection and protection tools where the risk of fire and the threat to business continuity is greatest, in the rack itself.

Redetec was established to develop better, more effective product solutions for the fire protection market. The key advantage of Redetec is it's ability to deliver fire protection from within equipment racks, where the loss of high value assets and data due to fire is at its greatest.

Why Choose Redetec?

  • Fire Protection Where it Counts - Redetec puts fire protection at the point of greater risk; for faster detection & fire suppression; ensuring continuous asset availability & protection.
  • Environmentally Responsible - Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk, high value, equipment within individual racks. Because Redetec is selective in discharging a small amount of extinguishing agent, it can form a major part of a more environmentally responsible company strategy.
  • Cost Effective Solutions - Redetec solutions do not need extensive design calculations, alterations to the fabric of the building or costly wiring. Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are all reduced resulting in a more cost effective solution.

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Redetec Rack Mount Fire Protection