Lenel BlueDiamond

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The next generation access control experience.

As a Lenel VAR we are proud to offer the latest in technical innovations.

Lenel have recently released BlueDiamond, the next generation access control experience. BlueDiamond access control readers and credentials offer a complete, effortless, next-generation experience.

With multi-technology readers, a feature-rich mobile app and the ability to support mobile and physical credentials, organisations can upgrade to the BlueDiamond experience at their own pace. The BlueDiamond mobile user experience enables employees to turn any smartphone into a device for effortless, touchless access.

The BlueDiamond solution leverages Carrier’s 20 years of experience developing mobile credential technology. With over 4,000,000 Bluetooth® locking devices deployed across multiple industries – including Energy, Financial, Hospitality and Real Estate. LenelS2 is proud to be a part of the Carrier Healthy Buildings Program, which includes the BlueDiamond touchless access offering.

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Lenel BlueDiamond