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Security fog is a non-violent, confrontational and visually impenetrable barrier.

As a trusted partner to Concept Smoke Screen we are proud to offer the latest in security fog innovations.

What is Security Fog?

Modern criminals are often not deterred by standard security systems and have a number of ways to circumvent them. Security fog is a non-violent confrontational and visually impenetrable barrier.

The security fog confronts the criminal and hides people and property, forcing the intruder to leave. Security fog reinvents the element of surprise and takes control away from the criminal.

Within seconds of a break-in, the room is quickly filled with dense, harmless fog that challenges and repels intruders, making visibility almost zero and giving the intruder no option but to leave the premises.

Criminals are left with little option but to leave, ending the crime in seconds. With the threat eliminated, the smoke clears, leaving no residue and causing the least possible disruption to your premises.

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