Ciqurix Flame Detection

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Revolutionary Video Fire Detection

As a trusted partner to Ciqurix we are proud to offer the latest in flame detection solutions.

The Ciqurix video fire detection uses multi-sensor cameras and analytic technology to see and recognise a fire starting within seconds.

The Ciqurix FCam Series is a revolutionary fire detection solution, combining infrared and visual feeds with built-in algorithms creating the most accurate and reliable fire detection solution available today. Able to detect a semi-concealed 40cm pan fire at 180m and a lighter flame at 10m in under ten seconds, inside or outside, day or night in all weathers, the FCam is so sensitive that it is able to dramatically cut vital response times. Our system turns a potential disaster into a harmless incident.

Ciqurix aim for their products to be integrated seamlessly into existing hardware, calling for no extensive, costly overhauls but drastically cutting security and fire response times.

To find out more about the Ciqurix flame detection solutions get in touch with one of our Sales team today.

Ciqurix Flame Detection