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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

TFS offers unrivalled experience in the design and installation of large and small scale CCTV projects.

CCTV systems not only provide property security – these systems also ensure the welfare of staff, provide evidence to protect your business against fraudulent claims, and help in the management of staff and productivity across multiple workplaces.

At Tailored Fire and Security, our staff are qualified to design and install bespoke CCTV solutions for commercial and domestic markets. We have worked on a wide range of projects ranging from small property security through to large scale projects utilising hundreds of cameras across national and international data networks.

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Integrated Systems

For many people, the idea of adding another system with different controls, functions and instructions is off putting. At TFS, we are able to integrate fire, PA, intercoms, communications and security systems into one seamless control and management network. This user-friendly solution means all of your systems are immediately at your fingertips in one control – no need for multiple touch pads, remote controls or how-to manuals.

IP Based Technology

We are leaders in IP based CCTV technology and we use highly acclaimed open platform software manufacturers for all of our systems. We are able to provide you with every aspect of the CCTV system – from physical cameras through to the network installation and on going maintenance.

Systems Designed for You

At TFS, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible solution for your business and property. Throughout the entire process, we will work closely with you to gain a strong understanding of how your business functions and what you need to achieve. We take into the consideration any future plans you have, changes in technology and how the system will be used on a daily basis. This detailed analysis will ensure that you receive the most efficient and suitable outcome possible.

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