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Thermal Imaging Solutions: The options, the benefits and which is best for your business

Posted 16th June, 2020

What are the temperature screening solutions available to help protect staff and customers from Covid-19 and how do I choose the best option for my business?

As the government has begun to ease the UKs lockdown restrictions and more and more business’ start to reopen the need to protect both staff and the public from Covid-19 has become the priority. Whilst regular hand washing and wearing face masks remains the official government advice there are new technologies available that can help detect signs of the virus. One of the most recognised symptoms of Covid-19 is a raised temperature, but how do you identify that someone on your premises has a raised temperature?

The answer is fever screening solutions, they work by using a thermal camera to read body temperature and provide a warning to anyone with an abnormal body temperature. But with several different solutions available how do you decide on the right one for your business?

This quick guide will outline the benefits of two popular solutions: thermal screening and thermal CCTV.

Thermal Screening Facial Analysis Solutions

Thermal Screening

How does it work?

This solution works by combining facial analysis with access control, although it can be usedas a stand-alone system as well, to allow entry based on body temperature. It screens one person at time, all is required is to stand in front of the camera and it will read your temperature in less than a second. If your temperature is abnormally high is will display a visual warning on the screen in front of you and you may be denied access to the premises.


  • Non-contact detection
  • Visualised temperature screening
  • High accuracy of temperature screening
  • Mask detection - supports screening while wearing a mask
  • Wall or floor mounting

Where can it be installed?

It can be installed in a variety of scenarios, including Stadiums and Sports Grounds, Education, Healthcare, Gyms, Multi tenanted office space, Retail and Distribution.

Thermal CCTV Fever Scanning Solutions

Thermal Camera

How does it work?

This solution works more like a traditional CCTV system, cameras can be installed at entry points and will scan multiple people at the same time. If a camera captures someone with a high temperature it will alert the operator by signaling an alarm and highlighting the individual on a monitor.


  • Non-contact detection
  • High accuracy of temperature screening
  • High resolution camera
  • Screens up to 100 people in 60 seconds

Where can it be installed?

It can be installed in many locations with high volumes of traffic and potential visitors where limiting contact is essential such as hospitals, primary care clinics and commercial buildings.

To learn more about the range of solutions available and how we can help you please contact marketing@tfs-ltd.com.

It should be noted that while thermal imaging can detect a raised temperature it cannot diagnose someone with Covid-19. A raised temperature can also be a symptom of various other illnesses; however, businesses should still have procedures in place to safely isolate anyone identified.


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