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Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID-19 Notice

Posted 15th March, 2020

Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID-19 Notice

Tailored Fire & Security Group (TFS) - COVID - 19 NOTICE

It is our utmost responsibility at TFS is to provide our
Employees with safe working conditions and our Customers with safe professional

Given the current challenges being created by COVID-19, our
primary concern is for the health and safety of our colleagues and customers.
With that in mind, we are currently suspending all non-essential air travel for
our colleagues, we are reducing public transport use to a minimum and are
instituting remote work policies as necessary.

TFS has put a full business continuity plan in place in
response to COVID-19. It includes a strategy to reduce health risk to
colleagues, minimize the risk of premises becoming a node of transmission,
ensure plans are in place should colleagues be quarantined or infected, and ensure
alternative arrangements with suppliers and customers so that business
operations can continue. In order to ensure safe conditions, we are following
all guidelines and recommendations of local and national health agencies. This
includes increased hygiene, sanitation, and availability of disinfectants,
providing additional medical resources, and monitoring public health
information as it is made available.

As the increase in infections in the UK increase, we will be
taking even more precautionary measures when providing services to customers,
our colleagues in affected area wear a mask at all times (such as NHS
Facilities), as well as protective glasses and gloves, according to working
conditions. We are also limiting meetings or gatherings with large numbers of
colleagues and customers and are educating colleagues on effective prevention
methods in accordance with guidelines from global and local health authorities.

We would like to thank our colleagues who are dedicated to
being our customers’ best service provider even during this difficult time. We
would also like to express our gratitude to our customers for their support.
Thank you for your trust in our services, and for your tolerance in this
unusual period. TFS`s thoughts are with all those affected by the virus.

Please follow the regular updates from the TFS
Disaster Recover Management Team “DRMT”

We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will
provide updates wherever necessary.

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